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One of our key services, the Leadership Development Series , is a comprehensive, steady-progress-over-time approach that equips leaders with depth and breadth of skill and knowledge utilizing content from Living as a Leader. Participants include supervisors, managers and other key leaders. In some situations, it is also relevant to include team leaders, group leaders, project leaders, employees with high potential and technical professionals.


The Series consists of two critical elements for supporting the growth and development of leaders – skill-building workshops and coaching sessions with a leadership coach. Coaches help to ensure application of newly gained knowledge and skills in the workplace. Leaders who successfully complete the Series will be workplace-ready – intentional and confident with the choices they make, instinctively knowing what to say and what to do.

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Skill-Building Workshops


Twelve core leadership topics, carefully chosen, serve as the foundation for the Series. These workshops provide leadership tools that participants will use day in and day out to more effectively lead others.


Workshop Benefits:

• Comprehensive development to build knowledge and skills in critical areas of leadership.

• Networking with peers in other organizations who have similar challenges.

• Application of skills to ‘real life’ leadership challenges.• Increased confidence and competence to achieve greater results!

12 Core Leadership Topics for Skill Building

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